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For me, Minecraft should rather be called "Buildcraft" because that's what I like doing best of all.
Welcome to NowoCraft

Hi there and welcome to NowoCraft, the website of a Minecraft dad and for other Minecraft mums and dads!

Although my sons have been playing Minecraft for over 8 years now, I only started at the end of 2019. By now, I’ve caught the Minecraft bug hook, line, and sinker! I’m mainly into building on creative, creating textures and skins, and creating videos. I publish my builds at Planet Minecraft, which is a fantastic place to find inspiration and like-minded people. Additionally, I publish my videos on my NowoCraft Youtube channel. Updates to the channel or this website are posted on my Twitter channel.

I’m always happy to hear from other Minecraft mums & dads, and if you have any suggestions which topics I should address in my blog posts and videos, let me know. If you like my channels, please subscribe to them and if you like individual postings, tweets or videos let me know. And if you don’t? Then also let me know because any feedback is welcome and will help me to provide more interesting content.

Take care,