This is the first building and centrepiece of my planned university build. It is a circular building with three main and two additional library floors, a floor with living quarters for the librarians, and an outside viewing gallery at the top. It is much bigger than originally anticipated and fully furnished. 

It started with the idea of a smaller library in the round, the famous Radcliffe Camera in Oxford. As the minimum width of a block is about 1 meter, I decided to make it a little larger than the original. However, it got quickly out of hand and became a huge building. At some point, I decided that I would just roll with it and abandon the idea of re-creating the original building. So if you know and love, as I do, the Radcliffe Camera, don’t think that I failed utterly. Just think of it as the spark that gave me the idea to build a library in the round.

Most of my efforts went into the library’s interior. There you can see differently furnished floors, book exhibitions and the librarians’ office. You might even see an actual librarian on his rounds!

You can download the library as a map and as WorldEdit schematics at my Planet Minecraft page.

Have a look at the video

Pictures – under construction & the finished building

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